The Nina Simone Story feat. Fola Dada

The Nina Simone Story feat. Fola Dada 

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Her music, her life, her time.
She dreamed of one day being the first black classical pianist in America. She became the "Highpriestess of Soul". Her music, her lyrics made her the voice of the American civil rights movement, the legendary diva of jazz - "black classical music" in her words.
The evening conveys a picture of Nina Simon's personality: edgy, shifted, mysterious, distorted and blurred, of hidden beauty and aesthetics, rich in wonder and captivating.
Fola Dada, the Stuttgart soul and jazz singer, Florian Dohrmann and band and presenter Katharina Eickhoff shed light on this story. The fascination of the diva of jazz becomes tangible in a multi-faceted show. Songs, pictures, film clips and texts bring the life of this extraordinary artist to life.
The circumstances, the longing, the search for her African roots. The pain and her struggles with love, society, its prejudices and, above all, the struggles with herself. But also her motto "Feeling Good?"
This evening is a tribute and a bow to Nina Simone
Singing/moderation: Fola Dada (German Jazz Award)
Narrator: Katharina Eickhoff (SWR2)
Double bass and concept: Florian Dohrmann (Echo Award winner)
Piano: Ulf Kleiner
Drums: Felix Schrack
Guitar: Christoph Neuhaus (Landesjazzpreis Ba-Wü )

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The Nina Simone Story feat. Fola Dada 

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