THE GREGORIAN VOICES - Konzert im Herbstlabyrinth Breitscheid

Masterful sounds in the Herbstlabyrinth cave.

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Admission costs €17.50


Concerts as part of the Kultursommer Mittelhessen 2024

Gregorian Voices

The eight Ukrainian singers of the ensemble "THE GREGORIAN VOICES" will take you into the world of classical Gregorian chants - monophonic, meditative liturgical songs of the Christian medieval monastic orders. Dressed in traditional monastic robes, the singers create a mystical atmosphere that takes the audience on a journey through the world of sacred music of the Middle Ages - a world of sound without temporal, religious or linguistic boundaries! With orthodox church music and sacred songs and madrigals from the Renaissance and Baroque periods, the fascinating journey continues through the centuries into the here and now.

After the descent (124 steps) into the cave, you will first be guided through the large Knöpfchenhalle by cave guides. In a special atmosphere, you can marvel at the diverse stalactite formations. Now the artist takes over and leads you into a magical world with his sounds. The concert lasts approx. 45 minutes and the entire visit to the cave takes 1.25 hours. In addition to sturdy shoes, warm clothing is required as the temperature in the cave is 9 degrees. Seating is provided.
Admission costs €17.50; limited number of participants. Tickets online right here and on the ticket hotline 0231 917 2290.

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Masterful sounds in the Herbstlabyrinth cave.

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