Tante-M Shop

Detailed description

Our small local supply shop, located in the centre of the village, meets the customer requirements not only of today but also of tomorrow - a generous selection of well-known brands, but also regional products at normal prices and that 7 days a week from very early to very late. Shopping in our Tante-M shop cannot and should not replace weekly shopping, but should be an easily accessible daily local supply in the centre of town. The special feature - you can shop with us 7 days a week, 365 days a year from 5am to 2pm. We have no sales staff and yet we are a completely normal shop. You can check out yourself at the self-service checkout and pay with all the usual means of payment (EC/credit card, contactless or with the Tante-M customer card).

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Brief description

We offer a small fine assortment with unbeatable opening hours.

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Contact and directions

Hochstrasse 26
56581 Kurtscheid