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O you beautiful Westerwald, over your heights the wind whistles so coldly, but the smallest sunshine penetrates deep into the heart - so it is written in the famous Westerwald song... which gracefully puts us in the right mood for today's round tour.

The clear, fresh Westerwald air of the Eisenbach Valley blows around our noses at the beginning of our bike tour. Slightly uphill we scurry into the forest, see the Kautenmühle, cross the medieval bridge and roll from Eisenbachtal into Gelbachtal. In Reckenthal we can admire the artistically wooden sculptures that line the path towards Untershausen. Varied field, forest and meadow landscapes merge into one another. At the village fountain in front of the beautiful town hall in Welschneudorf we cycle again towards the shady deciduous forest. The forest path is wide and we follow it deep into the forest. Small wayside shrines lie along the way, we enjoy the wonderful peace and quiet. Here and there a squirrel appears, which takes off in fright. Where our bikes touch the asphalt again, we easily roll towards Arzbach on farm tracks. High above the village we see the Limes Tower - in the valley we stand in front of the impressive half-timbered town hall, near which the "Gaststätte am Rathaus" invites us to take refreshment. Uphill we blow to Eitelborn, whose late medieval castle ruin Sporkenburg from the 13th century encourages us to stop for a photo. We continue effortlessly on to Neuhäusel, at the end of which we disappear again into the dense forest area of the Nassau Nature Park. Where the forest opens up to us is the picturesquely situated Hillscheid, whose reconstructed Roman fort and the Roman watchtower attract attention. The disused railway line is now a popular meeting point for hikers and cyclists and leads to Höhr-Grenzhausen, whose name is inseparably interwoven with "Töferei & Glas". A matter that undoubtedly determines the rhythm of the town. This is impressively demonstrated by the exhibits in the "Keramikmuseum". Culinary refreshment, on the other hand, can be found in the "Gelateria" café, whose large ice-cream and cake counter is a must. From here, it's an uphill ride out of town to Hilgert, the "pipe baker community", whose history dates back to the 30-year war. Where once the troops demanded clay pipes to smoke their herb. Downhill the journey goes through Ransbach-Baumbach with the Erlenhofsee, on whose shore the Erlenhof Chapel deserves a visit. Visible from afar is the "Westerwald Cathedral" in Wirges, whose high spire points straight to Dernbach. The baroque landmark (castle) of Montabaur is already proudly visible, with a veritable cornucopia of attractive sights at its feet. Montabaur is also the "cobbler town". This funny nickname was given to the more than 1000 year old town, when in the middle of the 19th century the cobbler trade was practiced dozens of times. This is still commemorated today on the Neuer Marktplatz at the "Schusterbrunnen". Opposite, we see the Wolfsturm, a bulwark that once reinforced the city wall, where we now stroll to the neo-Gothic town hall. Historical half-timbered houses, narrow alleys and the mighty town church characterize the picture here. Equally rustic localities, in which it is wonderful to take a break. Over winding forest paths we reach Wirzenborn in the Gelbachtal valley, whose famous pilgrimage church and the Madonna from the 14th century become a magnet for thousands of people every year. Around the corner of the community of 100 souls we see the village inn "Wirzenborner Liss" with the motorcycle museum, whose history documents seven decades of motorized two-wheelers. For the last time for today we cycle through a beautiful forest to the chapel "Bildches Eich". Then we roll towards Großholbach, whose "Gräfliches Fachwerkhaus" (Count's half-timbered house) is the last prominent landmark on the way back to the Studentenmühle.

Route 69,6 km Duration 5:52h

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