Sundial Wind Farm Node Greifenstein

Once upon a time there was a wind farm with 3 wind turbines in the hiking area "Knoten" above the village of Arborn. And once upon a time there was a village development concept that inspired many creative minds to get involved. One of them was Josef Gödde. When he saw an aerial photograph of the Knoten wind farm, the idea of combining wind and sun was born. After all, the cast shadow of a wind turbine would make the perfect hand for a sundial. Thomas Weiler, another member of the IKEK group, also helped to develop the idea into a feasible concept. This was finally deemed worthy of support by the Leader Region Lahn-Dill-Wetzlar. Then it was time for implementation. The shadow of the wind turbine at every full hour was measured. At these points, "time stones" were piled up. Almost 90 tonnes of basalt boulders were donated by the Hermann Hofmann Group, operator of the wind farm as well as the Beilstein basalt quarry. Because Carmen Hofmann-Ekler from the management is also enthusiastic about the Z(w)eit use of the wind turbines. A viewing platform has been built from which a wide panorama can be enjoyed. In the middle, a clock face made from a basalt crust stone helps to assign the appropriate time to the cairns. From 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., you can read the time up here. Why the sundial is not always on time is due to the analemma. You can find out what this is all about on one of the two information boards on the way to the viewing platform. The sundial is located directly at the junction of the R8/Ulmtal cycle path and is also a wonderful place to hike.

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Text: Gemeinde Greifenstein

Brief description

Viewing platform with magnificent distant views, plus a sundial consisting of a windmill and stone formations. The concept of the sundial is explained on information boards.

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Always open because outdoor

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Mengerskircher Weg
35753 Greifenstein