Stöffel-Park: Kunst, Museumsgebäude, Freiluftmuseum...

The Stöffel - a huge quarry where basalt was mined for over 100 years - today presents itself as a 140-hectare cultural and landscape park that offers a wide variety of (major) events - from planting days to trucker events with 300 modern trucks.

The Stöffel Park not only contains a unique ensemble of historical buildings from the basalt processing industry, but also a fossil deposit of worldwide importance. 25 million years of earth history come alive here, preserved in the deposits of a Maar lake. Experience rooms provide insights into industrial history, appeal to all senses and impress both visually and acoustically.

art by the Stöffel

In the outdoor area, visitors will find a number of art objects, most of which were created at a sculpture symposium. In 2020, they will be examined again by the artists. They are an eye-catcher even for people who do not otherwise have an eye for art objects. The size of some of the works alone is impressive. And children get these objects to think.

Regularly changing exhibitions are shown in Café Kohleschuppen. Current information see:

Even in the TERTIÄRUM, the new museum building dedicated to the fossil finds, there are always exhibitions - large photo exhibitions of the Verein der Westewälder Foto-Freunde. They even hosted the South German Photo Championship here.

In addition, the workshop Creative Welding was offered several times a year.

In addition, numerous photographers and painters come here to find their motifs in the Stöffel Park and then make them known via the social networks.

Historical workshop experience room
The Alte Schmiede is a very special building. In the 20th century it was the heart of the company and today, after the sensitive, historical renovation, it is once again a jewel with an experience character. On an exhibition area of around 325 square metres, industrial history is brought to life and can be understood at many different stations. Doors and cupboards invite you to open them and the talking dustbin tells many an episode. And this is where people like to celebrate (sometimes privately) or listen to a concert on Saturdays.

Switch house and Café Kohleschuppen
Where once a huge steam engine supplied the entire plant with energy, information on the subject of energy now illuminates the former boiler house. Behind the green façade you can find the toilets. However, the typical sound of the old, huge machine can still be heard today.

And in front of the door, directly on the terrace of the Café Kohleschuppen, which opens on Sundays and public holidays from 1 p.m., a steam engine has also been on display again since the end of 2018! It is called Romeo and is supposed to be awakened from its deep sleep (i.e.: get it running). Every now and then Juliet comes by and looks after him... but that's another story that comes up again and again at the Stöffelfest, which takes place in years with even numbers: 2020, 2022 etc.

The transformer station in the switch house invites you to try it out.

Through the site and its themes - independently or with a guided tour
Visitors can explore the Stöffel Park on the trail of basalt or fossils. If you would like a guided tour, you can join a minitrip on Sundays and holidays, which leads through the crusher, which you cannot explore on your own.

This is a nice little excursion with conveyor belt ascent. Not dangerous, but exciting! Fun for the whole family!

Please book detailed 90-minute theme tours for groups in good time.

Something for everyone ...
In addition to the permanent facilities of the Stöffel Park, the regular art exhibitions and guided tours, there are cultural events and activities, creative welding workshops, children's birthday parties and gourmet evenings and much more.

Westerwaldsteig hikers watch out: Here you can get stamp no. 10 of the WesterwaldSteig.

Detailed information, many pictures and the whole calendar of events can be found on the homepage:

Contact and address
Stöffel-Park, Stöffelstraße, 57647 Enspel, Tel. (0049) 2661 980 980 0, E-Mail

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Brief description

A Stöffel Park can impress everyone. All age groups, even dogs feel comfortable here. After all, it is a venue for large events and small concerts with a unique backdrop that breathes history.

The Stöffel-Park is part of the Geopark Westerwald-Lahn-Taunus. It is located on the Westerwaldsteig. Cyclists also find beautiful paths here.

Learn more about basalt mining on 140 hectares in the 20th century and about fossils that document life 25 million years ago.

Contact and address
Stöffel-Park, Stöffelstraße, 57647 Enspel, Tel. (0049) 2661 980 980 0, E-Mail

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Opening hours

For visitors is open from 1 March to 31 October: Tue to Thu 10-17 o'clock; Fri to Sun and holidays 10-18 o'clock.

But also in the winter time events take place: see

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Contact and directions

57647 Enspel