Stille Führung Breitscheid

Special for Eternity Sunday in the autumn labyrinth.

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Admission costs €5.00-7.50.


Special for Eternity Sunday in the autumn labyrinth - Silent guided tour - Be calm in the Breitscheid stalactite cave. Accompanied by Pastor Johannes Sell and Mrs Sabine Baum.

Experience a very special Sunday of the dead! In the extraordinary atmosphere of the Breitscheid autumn labyrinth show cave, we deliberately give you time on this day to look, marvel, meditate, pray, pause or simply be quiet. During this quiet tour, you will experience the cave in a completely different way. In complete silence, disturbed only by the occasional falling drop, you can take in the fantastic scenery. As you walk through the show cave, we read short impulses from the Bible. Otherwise, we will remain silent during the tour. We also ask our visitors to remain silent, or if they do, to speak very quietly so as not to disturb the other guests.

Tickets for this special guided tour cost 7.50 euros for adults and 5 euros for children aged 4-14; limited number of participants. Tickets online right here and on the ticket hotline 0231 917 2290.

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Special for Eternity Sunday in the autumn labyrinth.

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