Show cave autumn labyrinth

Detailed description

The Herbstlabyrinth Breitscheid show cave is probably the most beautiful cave system in Hessen.
The cave system was discovered in 1993 and has a total length of over 13 km.

The "Knöpfchenhalle" is the largest single room and is accessible to the public through an artificial gallery with 124 steps. The Herbstlabyrinth show cave is one of the most modern show caves in the world due to its innovative lighting and a footbridge construction made of GRP material and is the first stalactite cave with a complete LED lighting concept in Europe. It is the information centre of the Westerwald-Lahn-Taunus National Geopark.

Visitors are literally enchanted by the variety of stalactites in the most beautiful light and enjoy a special kind of cave experience with a unique guided tour concept.

Brief description

The Autumn Labyrinth Advent Cave System is the largest cave system in Hessen and one of the most important in Germany.
The extremely pure sinter decoration is spectacular.

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