Seifer mill

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The historic mill, Seifermühle, is an important monument of rural small-scale milling.

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In the village of Seifermühle near Forst you will find a single house with outbuildings. As the name suggests, it is a mill that was first mentioned in a document in 1623. This listed building was restored and renovated from 1987 to 1992. Around the turn of the century, the Seifermühle was also used to generate electricity, as a threshing machine or to operate a longwood saw. For a long time, the water mill was the central point in the life of the people in this area. The post office was also housed here for many years. Visually, the picturesque half-timbered ensemble with the nature-enclosed cottage garden and the Mizhlenweiher pond has remained a much-appreciated historical point in the landscape of the Holperbach valley and also represents a valuable monument in the chain of rural supply. The half-timbered water mill includes an "upper-shaft" water wheel with two "grinding gears" for baking grist and for fodder grist, with "gallows" for changing and sharpening the stones. In former times, stones made of basalt (Mayen) or so-called "French stones" from the Champagne region were used. The still partly complete water wheel (with "ice house" as winter protection) has a diameter of 3.10 metres, a width of one metre.

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