Schloss Schönstein

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The roughly triangular main building of Schönstein Castle is a typical perimeter castle in which the buildings are grouped around an inner courtyard. It has been built or restored from the Middle Ages to the present day, so that the building history is rather convoluted.
The brick façades built at the end of the 16th century stand out clearly from the older north wing made of quarry stone masonry.

Schönstein Castle was first mentioned in a document in 1255. From 1281, Sconensteyne Castle served the Archbishopric of Cologne as a pledge. In 1589, Hermann von Hatzfeldt-Werther received the castle in recognition of his services. In the meantime, the castle had suffered greatly. In 1594 Hermann von Hatzfeldt-Werther put the sum for work on the castle at 16,000 gulden. During the Thirty Years' War, the castle was occupied by Swedish troops, looted and set on fire, but rebuilt at the instigation of Wilhelm von Hatzfeld.

Today Schönstein Castle is the administrative seat of the Hatzfeldt-Wildenburg administration and the residence of the Count Hatzfeldt family, so the interiors cannot be visited. Schönstein Castle hosts an annual serenade with the Mainz Chamber Orchestra and a jazz concert with the jazz band Schräglage.

The castle chapel at Schönstein Castle is visited as part of the guided tour "The Chapel Trail". You can book the guided tour at the Tourist Information Wisserland in the RegioBahnhof in Wissen (02742/2686; info@wisserlandtouristik.de).

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Brief description

Schönstein Castle, steeped in history, rises on a rock at the mouth of the Elbbach into the Sieg. First mentioned in a document in 1255, it is now privately owned by the House of Hatzfeldt-Wildenburg. As the castle is inhabited, it is not possible to visit it inside. But it is also a feast for the eyes from the outside.

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Arrival Information

Access to the castle area is only allowed on foot, as the castle and castle courtyard are inhabited. Parking is available in the centre of Wissen-Schönstein (Schlossstraße).

Included services

As part of the guided hike "The Chapel Trail", which can be booked at the Wisserland Tourist Information (Tel. 02742 2686), the Schönstein Castle Chapel is visited, among other places.

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57537 Wissen


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