Ron Williams & Jörg Seitel Trio

Ron Williams meets Harry Belafonte

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"Ron Williams meets Harry Belafonte"

An extraordinary concert awaits visitors when Ron Williams and the Jörg Seidel Trio dedicate themselves to Harry Belafonte's repertoire. The artists do a great job of illustrating the connection between Belafonte's music and his social commitment. The two were and are inextricably linked for the world star. His songs, full of power, rhythm and beauty, radiate harmony and hope.

The affinity that Ron Williams already felt for Harry Belafonte in his youth was reinforced by stories told by his father, who met Belafonte personally in New York. "Ron Williams meets Harry Belafonte" will therefore also be a very personal evening, the intensity of which will resonate with the audience for a long time.

On stage:

Ron Williams - vocals and moderation
Jörg Seidel - guitar
Christoph Münch - piano
Gerold Donker - double bass

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Ron Williams meets Harry Belafonte

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Im Sportzentrum 8
57610 Altenkirchen