Reifenberger Schlösschen bei Weltersburg

Brief description

The Reifenberger Schlösschen (also called Brambacher Schlösschen) is located at the end of the village of Weltersburg in the direction of Guckheim. It was built in the 16th century. It was the castle seat of the Wäller line of the von Reifenberg.

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Detailed description

The Reifenberger Schlösschen

The Reifenberger Schlösschen, also known as the Brambacher Schlösschen, is a picturesque group of landscape (half-timbered) buildings in Weltersburg (VG Westerburg). It was mainly built soon after 1552 by Philipp von Reifenberg. So far, there is no reliable information about the date of origin of the so-called old castle house of the von Reifenberg family, which is first mentioned in written records in 1469. Philip von Reifenberg is considered to be the initiator of the "new" house, which was built in 1552 and is identical with the Reifenberg castle. Until 1671, Weltersburg was the castle seat of a line of the von Reifenbergs. At the beginning of the 18th century, the castle passed to the Leiningen-Westerburg councillor and later chancery director Heinrich David Emanuel Schuler from Wetzlar, who was raised to the peerage and used the name "von Schuler".

A touch of Goethe and General Blücher

The Schuler family was closely related to that of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, and in 1779 the poet's father visited the house on the occasion of the christening of a nephew. In 1814, the Prussian Marshal Blücher stayed overnight in the von Schuler house on his way to join his troops marching against Napoleon.

The estate is privately owned and not open to visitors.


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Hauptstraße 2-3
56459 Weltersburg