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Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen, social reformer and founder of the modern rural cooperatives, was born on 30 March 1818 in Hamm (Sieg) as the seventh of nine children of the married couple Gottfried and Amalia Raiffeisen.The Raiffeisen House / Museum in Hamm an der Sieg was built in 1753. It is the birthplace of Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen (born on 30 March 1818, died on 11 March 1888). In addition to the Raiffeisen House / Museum, there is also a Raiffeisen Column in Hamm/Sieg, on which the entire life of the famous personality is depicted .

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The Raiffeisen Column, which is almost three meters high, depicts the life and work of Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen.

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57577 Hamm (Sieg)