Pumptrack Hachenburg

An asphalt pump track and a children's pump track are available on an area of 2500 square metres. The Hachenburg facility is equipped with classic elements from BMX racing and offers riders ideal, weather-independent options for use. The pumptrack itself is a facility oriented towards mountain biking, which can be described as a wave and trough track. The different riding lines of the pumptrack offer numerous transfer possibilities and reproduce bike park elements such as curves, S-curves, jumps and waves. The facility is equipped with a special asphalt surface and is also accessible to skateboarders, longboarders, scooter riders, inline skaters and wheelchair users.
Laid out in an endless loop, the Asphalt Pumptrack has a riding surface of over 750 square metres and a ride length of more than 170 metres. The Kids Pumptrack in the entrance area of the new facility is perfect for younger visitors.
The track, specially designed for running bikes and toddlers, offers an asphalt riding surface of around 150 square metres.

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Brief description

The pumptrack in Hachenburg is a top-class meeting place for all ages and sports and is designed for beginners, advanced riders but also competitive athletes.

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Opening hours

The facility can be used in daylight and dry weather.

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Contact and directions

57627 Hachenburg