Protestant Church

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The church in Flammersfeld, a three-nave pillar basilica, was built around 1200. From the medieval furnishings, late Gothic
to recognize wall paintings. The small church with its massive west tower has remained an ensemble with Romanesque, late Gothic and Baroque influences despite later conversions. Things that were removed during the iconoclasm of the Calvinist Reformation in 1606 have been found again. For example, the altarpiece and the baptismal font, the half-figure of a prophet and the remains of a crucifixion group.

Protestant Church, Raiffeisenstraße 48, 57632 Flammersfeld, Germany, Tel.: (0049) 02685 242, E-Mail: flammersfeld@ekir.de 

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An ensemble with Romanesque, late Gothic and Baroque

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Raiffeisenstraße 48
57632 Flammersfeld