Planetary nature trail

Brief description

9km long planetary nature trail in Eschenburg and Dietzhölztal suitable for hikers, skaters and cyclists.

Detailed description

At three times the speed of light, you can walk through our solar system on the planetary nature trail at the Holderberg School: The course starts at the small gymnasium, where scale models of the planets are set up in the two communities of Eschenburg and Dietzhölztal. Large steel spheres on natural stone pedestals illustrate the unimaginable dimensions of our solar system true to scale. On the wall of the gymnasium, the sun rises with a diameter of 4.64 metres. The Earth then measures just 4.2 cm, its moon 1.2 cm. True to the old Mercury verse "My father explains our night sky to me every Sunday", the tour continues to Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and even further to the "dwarf planets" Pluto and Eris. At the locations of the planets, an information board explains the most important data and special features of the respective planet, supplemented by a colour photo.

The planetary nature trail in Eschenburg and Dietzhölztal is best suited for hikers, but there is also a route for skaters and cyclists. You will need about 2 ½ hours to explore along the total 9 km route Eibelshausen-Steinbrücken-Mandeln-Roth; another 3/4 hour for the direct way back through the forest.

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