Brief description

This is about medicinal plants and herbs in the heart of Bad Marienberg.

The apothecary garden according to Pastor Kneipp with over 90 plants was laid out according to the scheme of old medicinal herb gardens. They say: "For every illness there is a little herb". The apothecary garden shows you a variety of herbs, each individually labelled and explained. The garden is accessible at all times and free of charge.

Suitable for

barrier-free access via market place with passable bridge, toilet with Euro-key Parking "Im Bohnengarten"
or at the tourist information.

Detailed description

Explore the world of medicinal plants in our lovingly laid out apothecary garden, which has been designed according to the traditional pattern of old medicinal plant gardens.

With over 90 different plants, it offers a rich variety of herbs that are said to be grown for every ailment. Each plant is carefully labelled and explained so that you can deepen your knowledge of the herbs' healing properties.

The apothecary garden is freely accessible at all times and admission is free.

Contact and directions

56470 Bad Marienberg