Outdoor Pool Schönbach

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The Schönbach open-air swimming pool with its large sunbathing and play area, which offers a magnificent view of the swimming pool and the surrounding woods when sunbathing, is ideal for families.
In Schönbach you will find a children's pool with a children's slide and a kiosk run by members of the "Family Bath Schönbach - Schönbad" association founded in 2010. The dedicated helpers not only provide a wide range of food and drinks in the kiosk, but also organise various days of action during the summer season, which you can find out about on the website www.schoenbad.de The catering area is also accessible "from the outside" for cyclists, hikers and other visitors.
Thanks to the association, which actively supports the employees of the pool operation in the maintenance of the facilities, there are also some changing facilities for cool evenings and early swimmers directly at the pool edge, so that one does not have to shy away from visiting the pool because of the otherwise relatively long way across the sunbathing lawn.

Freibach Schönbach, Auf dem Bruch, 35745 Herborn-Schönbach, Tel.: (0049) 02777 / 811397

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Auf dem Bruch
35745 Herborn-Schönbach