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Over 1000 years of city history and fascinating half-timbered buildings.

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Herborn is known for its half-timbered buildings. Some gems are the double house on Marktplatz 1/2, the Bast Kornmarkt house (1627), the Alte Färberei (Mühlbach 5/7), the Scharfrichterhaus (Schmaler Weg), the Älteste Wohnhaus (1445, Mühlgasse 5), the Corvinsche Druckerei (Schulberg 26/28). Picturesque marketplaces such as Buttermarkt, Kornmarkt or Holzmarkt are further attractions. The remains of the city wall with the still preserved city gates "Steinerne Pforte" and the "Neue Pforte" at the Leonhardsturm, as well as the other preserved towers "Hexenturm", "Bürgerturm", "Hainturm", "Speckturm" and "Dillturm" are also worth seeing.

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