Old Guildhall Dillenburg

The oldest part of the building complex at Kirchberg 24, which received its current appearance in 1989 following four years of planning and redevelopment, was built in 1499. The central section of the house was added in 1528, whereas the south-east section was completed in 1595.

An entry in the fire register of 1775 refers to this building as the ‘guildhall’ and ‘manor house’. This clearly indicates that the officials of the Nassau- Dillenburg Counts and later Princes had their home here.

The two buildings on the street side are particularly noteworthy as they display two typical timber-framed designs: balloon framing (left) and platform framing (right).

Brief description

The oldest part of the Altes Amtshaus was given its present appearance in 1989.

Opening hours

The building is one of many stops on the Historic Trail and cannot be visited from the inside.

Experience the history of the Oranienstadt Dillenburg at first hand!

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Kirchberg 24
35683 Dillenburg