Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking Tour Bad Marienberg - Wildpark-Runde (signposting no. 1)

Route profile

Length / Distance 4,7 km
Rise 96 hm
Descent 96 hm
Duration 1,1 h
Highest point 558 hm
Lowest point 464 hm


Get to know the wildlife park on the Marienberg heights on a short tour.

Brief description

An easy loop around the Wildpark - 5 km.


- From Cologne: A3 exit Hennef/Sieg via B8 and B414 to Bad Marienberg.

- From Frankfurt: A3 exit Limburg via B54 and B414 to Bad Marienberg

- From Dortmund: A45 exit Haiger/Burbach via B54 and B414 to Bad Marienberg

- From Gießen: A45 exit Herborn via B255 and B414 to Bad Marienberg

- From Koblenz: A48 and A3 exit Montabaur via B255 to Bad Marienberg

In the town centre, follow the signs to "Wildpark".

Public transport

By train to the Nistertal or Westerburg stop. Continue by bus to Bad Marienberg, bus stop Neuerweg.

Bus line 116 and 483


Free forest car park at the Wildpark


At the Kletterwald, turn left onto the slightly sloping forest path. Turn left immediately after the barrier until you reach hiking trail U1/U2. Walk downhill to the right for about 50 m and then turn right again onto hiking trail X (Sonnenweg). On this 1.2 km section, we enjoy the wonderful view of the Nister valley, with the Hachenburg town forest and the windmills on the Gräbersberg. At the forest crossroads we go straight on. There is an ascent of about 500 m to the E5 hiking trail. Turn right and continue straight ahead back to the starting point. The medium-difficulty alternative route turns left onto the trim trail approx. 200 m before the starting point, goes over the small Wolfstein (invites you to linger!) and turns right twice past the game park enclosure back to the starting point.

Safety instructions

Especially in autumn, be aware that leaves lying on the ground can hide bumps, roots, stones or holes in the path.

Path impairments of this kind are to be expected on every hike.


Wear sturdy shoes and appropriate, weatherproof clothing that protects you from cold and wet or heat and sun.


Enjoy the view and the beautiful landscape on the "Sun Trail".

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