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Nister cycle path: an attractive tour from the source to the mouth

Route profile

Length / Distance 68,7 km
Rise 384 hm
Descent 785 hm
Duration 5,2 h
Highest point 566 hm
Lowest point 144 hm


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I start with the ascent to the nearby Fuchskaute (657 meters) and enjoy the view. I can eat and drink something in the local inn. Then I start the tour towards Bad Marienberg. I look around the Kurpark and relax on the barefoot path and in the apothecary garden. Then I visit the interesting basalt park and take a detour to the Hedwig's Tower at the wildlife park. Here I am also rewarded with a wide view. I could also try the climbing garden, but I keep going because I want to visit the famous Stöffel Park with its many offers. I continue through Hachenburg, the "Pearl of the Westerwald", where I am enchanted by the market and the beautiful half-timbered houses. After a few kilometers I reach the Marienstatt monastery. The confluence of the Kleine Nister and the Große Nister follows at Heimborn-Ehrlich. Finally, I arrive in knowledge and explore the castle and the Heister Chapel, which is well worth seeing.

Brief description

The cycle path leads from the source west of the Fuchskaute near Willingen to the mouth of the Sieg near Knowledge along the Nister. The beautiful tour offers a number of sights.


From the East: Via the B414, turn onto the K37From the west: Via the B414, in Nister-Möhrendorf turn left onto Weiherstraße (L297)From the north: Via the B54, turn left onto the L296, continue onto the K37From the south: Via the B54, turn right onto the B414, in Nister-Möhrendorf turn left onto Weiherstraße (L297)

Public transport

Hessian State Railways (Limburg - Westerburg - Hachenburg - Au/Sieg): Büdingen, Nistertal-Bad Marienberg, Unnau-Korb, HachenburgRhein-Sieg-Bahn (Aachen - Cologne - Troisdorf - Au - Knowledge - Siegen): Knowledge


The tour is almost 70 kilometers long and suitable for experienced recreational cyclists. I start in Willingen directly at the Nisterquelle and follow the markings. Behind the last houses I turn sharp right and drive through an animal sanctuary to Bretthausen. Places like Nister-Möhrendorf and Waigandshain await further south. In a zigzag line and a large arc I drive west to Bad Marienberg. It goes south for a while before turning north again. Then I reach Erbach, later Korb. At the shelter further north-west I turn south again. I circle the Hühnerberg, touch Alpenrod and drive north and west towards Hachenburg again. I cross the town and some fields, then it goes over the B414. A short time later there is a sharp left turn, then I reach the Marienstatt monastery. The path leads me north over many zigzag paths to Knowledge, the destination of the route.

Safety instructions

Very good condition required. The tour can easily be completed in two days.


For bags and backpacks, not only the back offers space on a bike tour - the weight of the equipment should be distributed over several parts of the body and bike. Wind, rain or sun can lead to very different temperature sensations on the bike - a cold can best be avoided with professional cycling clothing. On a multi-day tour, you should always have a change of clothes on hand to be prepared for any eventuality. In addition to other important pieces of equipment, the necessary tools and repair utensils should not be forgotten. At high speeds, it's easy to take a wrong turn on a bike tour: traditional and modern aids such as a bike map or a GPS device are used for orientation. You should always have a small emergency kit with you.


In the Marienstatt Monastery, in addition to the basilica, delicious meals from the monastery kitchen and home-brewed beer await visitors.


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Knowledge, estuary of the Nister into the victory

Starting Point

Willingen, Nisterquelle

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In the tour planner we inform you under the tab "Current info" about temporary route changes, closures and detours.

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