Naturfreibad Schinderweiher Niederschelderhütte

Brief description

The natural outdoor pool Schinderweiher in the district Niederschelderhütte of the municipality of Mudersbach is a popular excursion destination in summer.

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Detailed description

The Schinderweiher was first mentioned in 1742. At that time, a chamber councillor Storch von der Freusburg had discovered this pond, which had probably been created by the damming of a stream by the population. In the years 1926/1927 the pond was converted into an open-air swimming pool. In 1937 the Schinderweiher became the property of the local community of Mudersbach. Today the Schinderweiher is a popular natural open-air swimming pool in summer.

The following is offered:

- 1-meter diving platforms
- 3-meter diving platform
- jetty
- Wide wave slide
- Swimming Island
- Water fountain

- large swimming area with separate non-swimmer area
- separate toddler pool

- Basketball hoop
- Table tennis table
- Playground with swing, seesaws and sandbox

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Contact and directions

Weiherstraße 27
57555 Mudersbach (VG Kirchen)