Naturerlebnis: Fledermäuse kennen in Brachbach

Bats - Dark jugglers in villages, forests and fields

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The “Glück-Auf” Brachbach local association invites all interested nature lovers - regardless of age - to an approximately two-hour excursion led by Manuel Graf on Friday, August 30th. Topic: “Dark jugglers in the village, forest and fields - bats on the Brachbach mine hiking trail”. The sun has barely set behind the Weißenstein and the summer ether is bathed in a red-hot evening light. Accompanied by the chirping of numerous grasshoppers, a lukewarm late summer night begins. The insect-eaters among birds have long since completed their day's work and are now being replaced by a group of animals that is so unknown to many people, our bats. Hardly more than a shadow that can be seen across a forest path or a village alley during an evening walk, the diversity of these insect-eating mammals is often not known. But 17 of the 24 species identified in Germany occur in Siegerland. Some of them gather in late summer at later winter quarters, such as the abandoned mine tunnels around Brachbach. They swarm in large numbers in front of the tunnel entrances, seek contact with their own kind and then disappear back into the forests. We don't just want to track the bats in flight. By catching a net, you have the opportunity to admire long-eared, fringed or Bechstein's bats up close and learn something about their biology and their protection. We meet - with a flashlight if available - at 9 p.m. at the intersection of Findlingstrasse and Apfelbaumerweg.

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Bats - Dark jugglers in villages, forests and fields

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