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At the Dürrholz Nature Experience Trail, the sensory impression is the beginning of a deeper insight into nature and its ecological interrelationships: "Only what we love, we protect effectively".

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In autumn 1999, on 18 September 1999 to be precise, a Nature Experience Day was organised for the first time in the local community of Dürrholz in cooperation with local associations and the local hunting community of the Hegerings Puderbach and with the participation of the citizens. The great popularity and acceptance of this joint event led to the idea of creating a permanent institution for nature education. This was, so to speak, the laying of the foundation stone or the ignition spark. In order to maintain the relationship of the population to nature, to promote the nature education of our youth and children and thus to contribute significantly to the preservation of our environment and nature, the working group decided in agreement with the local community after intensive preliminary planning to build a nature experience path. On the Dürrholz Nature Experience Trail, the sensory impression is at the beginning of a deeper insight into nature and its ecological connections: "Only what we love, we protect effectively". With this motto, the idea of the Nature Experience Trail was implemented by the group of citizens of Dürrholz who were still active under the name "Environmental Protection Working Group" with the active participation of the community, the "Rhein-Westerwald Nature Park", the Dierdorf Forestry Office, the local hunting community and the local associations and companies. At that time as today the concept is based on the country wide hunter action "learning place nature" and was planned after newest forest-educational principles and goals: By seeing, hearing, feeling and smelling, the path visitors are to be introduced to nature and environmentally conscious behaviour is to be promoted by experiencing it. Centrally located between the districts of Daufenbach, Muscheid and Werlenbach in the community forest directly adjacent to the village community centre, the adventure trail includes valuable parts of the landscape, habitats and brook valleys. The existing parking lot of the village community centre is the ideal starting point for the access to the circular path and the connected cycle and hiking paths of the Puderbacher Land and the Nordic Walking Parcoure in the nearby Grenzbachtal. With the celebration of the 10th anniversary on 27 July 2014 the new, currently revised flyer was presented, which gives an overview of the approx. 3.5 km long path with meanwhile 54 stations. The paths lead through woods and meadows, past fields and meadows. Visitors will learn a lot about the forest, its animals and plants, hunting and forestry. The experience path, as you will see it here today, is especially designed and suitable to serve schools and kindergartens as "classrooms" for nature (scientific) education and upbringing: The reference of the learning and play elements to the natural conditions - e.g. dead wood, mushrooms, meadow orchards, tree species and, more recently, water and power generation - is intended to impart knowledge and sensitise people to the concerns of our rural environment. But also the local history is documented here and there and the homeland connection connected with it is animated and promoted. Guided tours for groups are conducted regularly by the members of the nature conservation working group. Not only for seniors there are sitting and resting corners at the attractive sidewalks. Of course we do not claim perfect perfection, small details are still imperfect and we are grateful for suggestions to improve or supplement the existing. Learning with and from nature brings a constant enrichment with new ideas and variety to our nature experience trail. These in turn lead to joy and commitment and thus to the necessary sustainability in the constant care.

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