Montabäurer Acht - Radrundweg

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Cycle path: distance 18,9 km duration 1:45h Translated with

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Fancy a gourmet tour through the charming landscapes around Montabaur? There - where little brooks gurgle along and quaint villages have lived in harmony with nature for centuries.

Montabaur - visible from afar, the representatives of the two forces lie together in a small area. On the one hand, the Grosser Markt presents itself as the centre of the bourgeois town with the profane neo-Gothic town hall and the dominating baroque castle - the town's landmark. On the other hand, the magnificent town church of St. Peter in Chains, whose two bell towers represent the spiritual centre of the town, presents itself. Anyone who immediately starts pedalling hard here has missed something. Because Montabaur is a place to look at in peace. Stroll through the alleys, settle down in one of the cosy pubs and enjoy the view of many historical half-timbered buildings. Then, only then, one should start the tour that starts right at the wonderful old city hall. The cycle path signs point to Wirzenborn. The shady forest path that we cycle there is a pleasure and makes you want to see what is still waiting for us today. Where the valley becomes narrower, the densely wooded slopes rise steeply, the small community of Wirzenborn lies picturesquely embedded in the Gelbachtal. On the right hand side you can see the pilgrimage church, which was built in 1498 and is a popular attraction. When we enter the church, we can marvel at the Wirzenborn miraculous image, a Madonna with the Child Jesus in her arms, whose origin is dated to the end of the 14th century. For a comfortable rest, however, we recommend the village pub "Wirzenborner Liss" with the adjacent motorcycle museum, whose exhibition documents seven decades of motorised two-wheeler technology. A few pedal turns later we find ourselves in the middle of the forest, whose romantic paths lead us safely on through the Gelbachtal. Reckenthal is the next stage of the tour, which we cycle through a longer ascent to the town centre. Recently, the "art mile" was created here on the outskirts of the village with amazing sculptures made of the renewable raw material wood. These mischievously point us in the direction of the asphalt road back to Wirzenborn. For a short distance we follow the same path as on the outward journey, in order to turn left towards the Marau mill. Here we cross the pretty wooden bridge. A courageous turn to the left, then around to the right and we are already hurtling towards Holler, which we recognize a little later by the onion tower of the village church. The next destination is Niederelbert, where a detour to the Biothoplehrpfad is tempting. Opposite the St. Josef church we turn off and head for Montabaur. The town, which looks back on an eventful history of more than 1000 years and is the perfect starting point for exploratory tours in the Unterwesterwald.

Route 18,9 km Duration 1:45h

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Großer Markt 12
56410 Montabaur