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Alpaca walks and alpaca experiences, wool, soap, socks, souvenirs

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Hiking through the Westerwald with alpacas ...

... is always a special experience. In a relaxed atmosphere, you set off with your alpaca through the fascinating nature of the Westerwald. No matter if you decide to go trekking with our boys, or if you would rather just go for a walk, you will experience magical moments.

The trekking tours take place all year round and mostly on weekends. The tour lasts about 2.5 hours.

First you will learn a few things worth knowing about the nature of our alpacas and how to handle these small, friendly camels. You will receive a small snack from us for the road and get to know the small herd in peace.

Once all the questions have been answered, everyone receives their animal and then we set off. The animals determine our pace, so we don't know exactly how many kilometres we will walk together (maximum 5 km).

Approximately halfway through the walk we take a short rest. Here you have the opportunity to take photos to your heart's content, have a drink and eat your snack.

Back at the stables you can reward your animal with a bowl of muesli and then, after saying goodbye to it, let it out into the meadow on its own. Before you start your journey home, with many new impressions in your luggage, there is a little surprise waiting for you.

In addition to the trekking tours, we also offer taster tours that last 1.5 hours. We welcome people who do not want to or cannot walk to come up close to an alpaca.

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