Mausoleum Dierdorf

Detailed description

A mausoleum was erected in 1816 in the former castle garden opposite the castle pond as the grave and memorial site of Fürstenhausen zu Wied-Runkel. Famous representatives of this family found their last rest here.
The mausoleum stands directly on the B 413, opposite the castle pond.

Tourist Information Dierdorf, Poststraße 5, 56269 Dierdorf, Tel.: (0049) 2689/291-0, E-Mail: tourismus@vg-dierdorf.de

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Brief description

In 1816, the burial site of the former Princely House of Wied-Runkel was built in Dierdorf by Prince Karl Ludwig Friedrich Alexander zu Wied-Runkel. It is built in the neo-Gothic style and was also used to store the tombs of his ancestors. The mausoleum is located in the former castle park of Dierdorf.

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Marktstraße 3
56269 Dierdorf