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Have your own apples pressed. Our apple pressing site for the coming season is located, as it was last year, at the former engine shed of the railway station grounds "Zur Schmalburg 4, 35753 Greifenstein-Beilstein". What we offer: With the help of the modern, sophisticated pressing technology of the mobile apple press, it is possible for apple tree owners to have their apples processed into healthy, tasty juice without additives without any effort and to take their own juice home immediately, ready heated and filled into the bag in box system. This service can be used by - Owners of apple trees and orchards, - Individuals or groups of people (associations of neighbours and friends) - Associations (Nabu, fruit and gardening associations) - schools and kindergartens - organised street and farm festivals Of course, it is also possible to fill the juice immediately after pressing as cold juice into containers that you have brought with you, for example for making cider, and to take it with you. Thanks to our mobility, we are not tied to a fixed location and are happy to come directly to you or your neighbourhood after making an appointment.

We hope that the advantages of the Mobile Apple Press will help to put the apple back in the spotlight and to rediscover the taste of this natural apple juice or home-made apple wine. Perhaps it will also be possible to plant more apple trees and to give the fruit, which often rots carelessly under the trees in autumn, new attention. In addition, you contribute to the preservation of the local orchards and make an important contribution to nature conservation.

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Have your own apples pressed

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