Mountain Bike

Main route (A): sporty mountain bike tour with smaller as well as three big climbs.

Route profile

Length / Distance 45,9 km
Rise 1,006 hm
Descent 1,006 hm
Duration 3,0 h
Highest point 505 hm
Lowest point 183 hm


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On the almost 46 kilometers of this tour, three strong and some small climbs and the appropriate descents await. The beauty of nature is overwhelming and makes the ride a pure pleasure. In addition, the one or other view of the villages is worthwhile. For example, the Protestant Kreuzkirche church in Betzdorf is impressive. In addition, there are picturesque residential houses. The Betzdorf City Night bicycle race, which takes place every two years, is significant. Also interesting is the fairly new Backes (community bakery) in Offhausen. In Herdorf, the Protestant and Catholic parish churches are worth seeing. In addition, there are beautiful half-timbered houses and a striking war memorial. One of the allegedly most beautiful baroque churches of the Westerwald is the protestant parish church in Daaden. The weather vane was designed as an angel. The stone house Alte Post with a museum of local history is also worth seeing. In Schutzbach, unique in Germany, the rare mineral Euchroit was found. Alsdorf also has several half-timbered houses; in addition, there is a war memorial in the forest to the north, which was erected around 1900.

Brief description

The MTB A is the main route of the mountain bike tours and offers, in addition to sporting challenges, some sights along the way. These include the beautiful nature and the villages to which many an excursion is worthwhile.


  • From Cologne: Follow A4 to Siegener Str. in Freudenberg, on A45 take exit 20-Freudenberg
  • From Frankfurt: Follow A5 and A45 to B255 in Herborn, on A45 take exit 26-Herborn-West
  • From Siegen: Via B62

Public transport

  • Siegstrecke (Cologne - Au/Sieg - Betzdorf - Siegen): Betzdorf
  • Daade Valley Railway (Betzdorf - Daaden): Schutzbach, Niederdreisbach, Biersdorf, Daaden
  • Hellertalbahn: Alsdorf, Königsstollen, Herdorf


Parking available in the city center of Betzdorf


The tour begins in Betzdorf at the intersection of Bahnhofstraße and Kirchstraße. The path leads southeast first between the edge of the forest and houses along. At the street Imhäusertal I turn left. It goes in the wooded animal reserve Westerwald over Herkersdorf and Offhausen up to the Hundskopf near Dermbach. In a small wave I drive around Herdorf and again upward toward Kohlenberg. I cross Daaden from east to west, turn north to Biersdorf and ride south again. Towards Galgenberg the route rises, I cycle around Oberdreisbach, touch Weitefeld on the way north and cycle downhill again. Before Schutzbach I reach the highest point of the tour (505 meters), then it goes downhill for a long time until I reach Alsdorf and then again my start and destination Betzdorf. The circuit runs on gravel, natural and asphalt paths. Some short stretches should be ridden as single trails, as they go downhill on rough pavement (gradient 20 percent).

Safety instructions

Very good physical condition required. Basic technical knowledge is enough.


For bags and backpacks not only the back offers space on a bike tour - the weight of the equipment should best be distributed over several parts of the body and wheel. Driving wind, rain or sun can lead to very different temperature sensations on the bike - a cold can best be avoided with a professional bike clothing. You should always have a suitable change of clothes on hand on a multi-day tour to be prepared for any eventuality. Among other important equipment, the necessary tools and repair utensils should not be forgotten. At high speed, it is easy to take a wrong turn on a bicycle tour: For orientation, traditional and modern aids such as a bike map or a GPS device. You should always have a small emergency kit with you.


In Sassenroth (between Alsdorf and Herdorf), an old mine awaits visitors. The journey also passes many an abandoned mine on the way.


Combination flyer bike/hiking, available here free of chargeKOMPASS Cycling/Hiking Map Westerwald (North), 1:50.000, ISBN: 978-3-00-065928-7

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In the tour planner we inform you under the tab "Current info" about temporary route changes, closures and detours.

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