Luftsport im Westerwald

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The Air Sports Club Westerwald e.V. (short LSC) was founded in 1952 as "Segelfluggruppe Montabaur". Since the merger with the "Aeroclub Kannenbäckerland" in 1974, the club carries the current name. Our home base is the "Körlen" gliding area on the road between Montabaur and Holler. The gliding field is about 1250m long and about 80m wide. This size is necessary to take off with gliders of different types. The self-launching motor glider takes off after about 300m. For the winch launch of a glider, however, the entire space is needed. 1000m of rope are pulled out with the Lepo (a converted VW Golf) to pull the gliders into the air. Depending on the type of glider, the release altitude reached in this way is between 300-600m. In order for the flight operation to work, several volunteers are needed. In addition to the flight instructors, there are also flight directors, winch drivers, tow pilots and some helpers to push back and start the airplanes. The glider pilots have seven club-owned aircraft with a total of 12 seats. Besides the mentioned motor glider we have one and two seat gliders for different purposes, be it beginner training, pleasure flights or performance flights (see also "The LSC aircraft park"!). The composition of our members is as varied as gliding. Here young (from 14 years) and old (up to 70), male and female, come together. Important for newcomers is the team spirit, which you have to bring along. Camaraderie is required, because gliding is a team sport and therefore a club sport. In addition to the gliders and the airfield, the club has its own workshop where repairs are carried out and cars and gliders are maintained during the winter months. Here young people are given an insight into the world of technology under the guidance of experienced members. In addition to flying and technology, sociability should not be neglected. In the open air or in the clubhouse, experiences are exchanged after a hot summer day over cool drinks. This is the place to talk shop, discuss and make plans, which are then put into action. All in all, we are neither snobs nor daredevils, neither conceited nor arrogant, but people who enjoy sports and the great outdoors. People who let the wind blow around their noses in this very special way. Quite a few of us have found their profession through the hobby of gliding. Translated with

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