Lisa Fitz: "Avanti Dilettanti!"

You come across them everywhere: the stupid ones who drive you to despair and silent rage.

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1 Euro ticket possible
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Opening hours

Start: 20:00
Admission: 19:15

Meeting point

Hachenburg Town Hall (Leipziger Straße 8 57627 Hachenburg)

Important information

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Brief description

You come across them everywhere: the stupid ones who drive you to despair and silent rage.


There are the obtuse people on hotlines, the snappers in doctors' surgeries, the concrete heads in government offices and, last but not least, politicians who spout (and make) so much absurd nonsense that you have to stop shaking your head to avoid damaging your brain. Unqualified information, mental immaturity, bad-tempered contemporaries, stupid nerve and time wasters, ignorant, arrogant, smug... "The main cause of stress is daily contact with idiots," said Albert Einstein. And stress has mutated into a widespread disease these days... But there really could be another way, couldn't there?

Certainly. But that would require people to open their eyes. Theirs and yours. And when you see the stupid dilettante in yourself in the mirror, the time for true greatness comes with the realisation: "I know that I know nothing."

But one thing is certain: Avanti Dilettanti!

The press writes:

"What makes Lisa Fitz's performance so enjoyable to watch and listen to is: firstly, her masterful art of sharpening messages while remaining absolutely clean in terms of dialect; secondly, the time-saving straightforwardness and laconicism of her thoughts; thirdly, her ability to analyse with razor-sharp precision and serve the result as a carpaccio - raw but tasty; and fourthly, her irrepressible energy from the first to the last minute. She is so much ahead of those she takes on that she can justifiably be called the "Tina Turner of Bavarian satire". Because, as she also proves on this evening, she can sing as well and as captivatingly as ever. Stormy applause with a thoughtful embrace is her reward." (Süddeutsche Zeitung, 2015)

As a free spirit, Lisa Fitz is known for her liberal attitude, i.e. for writing non-partisan and non-denominational satire while still taking a political stance.

Contact and directions

Perlengasse 2
57627 Hachenburg