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Laurentiuskapelle Herschbach

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Laurentius Chapel
Where once the little village "Oberherschbach" was located, today there is only a little chapel as witness of days long past, the Chapel of St. Lawrence. Here you will also find the community cemetery of Herschbach. Due to its early Gothic construction, its age is estimated at about 800 years. It was first mentioned as a chapel in 1487. The Laurentius Chapel was probably built in two sections. The choir was built around the second half of the 13th century. In which period the nave of the chapel was built cannot be determined from the documents. But already in 1487 and 1490 a chapel is mentioned. The Laurentius Chapel in Oberherschbach is a place of pilgrimage. Especially in the Marian month of May, pilgrimages to the PHerschbach / Rondom Selters / Westerwald / Rehinland Pfalz/ Duitsland

Brief description

Laurentius-Allee with Stations of the Cross and Laurentius Chapel
Via Laurentiusallee, with its 14 stations of the cross along the way, you reach the Laurentiuskapelle. The new Stations of the Cross in the avenue to Oberherschbach were inaugurated on 19 September 1886. Before that, by the way, the path to the cemetery ran below the present path through the valley and had its own, much older Stations of the Cross, which unfortunately have been lost except for two (which can be seen in the sacristy of the parish church).

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