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Best of Klaviator


It's time to give everything, to hold nothing back.

Only when the last love song has sounded, when the last punchline has shaken your diaphragm, when the last note has faded and the last syllable has been spoken, when all the women's stories have been confessed, when all the men have been unmasked, all the pets have been set to music, when all the politicians have been expertly dismantled, when the last word has been spoken and the last note has faded away, then you will see that no wish has been left unfulfilled - and not a dry eye in the house.

You can watch Reichow as he reads his own wishes from his lips. Never has there been so much of the BEST in one program.

Never have language and music been combined in such a claviatoric way.

Never has there been so much gasping for air as in this program.

Lars Reichow, the multiple award-winner, radio and television presenter shows the full range of his artistic potential as a cabaret artist, comedian, pianist and singer. And he takes a stand: clear words against nationalism, racism and a commitment to open-minded thinking and action. An entertaining and enjoyable evening.

Lars Reichow and his best of program "Wunschkonzert" - a very good reason to deal with reality.

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57610 Altenkirchen