La Signora: "Groß! blond! erfolgreich!"

La Signora, the funniest caterpillar in the German comedy and cabaret scene

Current information

Start: 20:00
Admission: 7.15 pm

Venue: Stadthalle Hachenburg

Organiser: Hachenburger KulturZeit

Advance booking from 24 euros / reduced and low budget from 12 euros, plus fees
1 Euro ticket possible
AK from 29 Euro, / reduced from 14,50 Euro

Brief description

La Signora, the funniest caterpillar in the German comedy and cabaret scene


La Signora was voted Queen of the Sun by the enthusiastic Hachenburg audience for the second time in a row. This marks a historic moment, as never before has an artist held this title twice. The comedian took the audience on a humorous journey and received an impressive 4.91 out of a possible five sun crowns, the highest score ever awarded by the audience. This exceptional performance reflects the enthusiastic response from the audience. Instead of a second red carpet, La Signora will now receive one in royal blue. Be there when La Signora returns to Hachenburg on 5 April and receives her insignia as part of the coronation celebrations. 

La Signora, the funniest caterpillar on the German comedy and cabaret scene, presents her new programme: tall! blonde! successful! A celebration of life, lust and Italian passion. La Signora, the specialist for heartache, the laxative for worries, the pill for bad moods and the first aid for gloom, sweeps away the ballast of everyday worries, fears and doubts.
Who cares about reality when there is fantasy? And why should you worship other people when you have yourself? La Signora, the only real one among all the false foxes!


Photo: Harald Hoffmann

Contact and directions

Perlengasse 2
57627 Hachenburg