Kyra Spieker - Keramische Objekte

Brief description

Fundamental to Kyra Spieker's artistic work is her analytical and poetic exploration of space and light. The artist's minimalist objects are characterized by a clear order paired with an expression of the highest aesthetics. The fact that some of her porcelain or stoneware works have partners made of other materials increases their significance.

Detailed description

The majority of her current reliefs or freestanding sculptures are based on a module developed by her, the variability of which she explores in various ways. Solitary or added, rowed or layered, white or coloured, closed or open - the artist repeatedly finds new geometric constructions in which the module can be recognized as an ordering element.

Kyra Spieker consciously includes light as a design element. The changes it undergoes during the course of the day lend the surfaces of her objects sensitive differences in appearance. The observation of this phenomenon results in moments of meditative intensity.
Gudrun Schmidt-Esters, Head of KERAMION, 2017

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Contact and directions

Bugrstraße 2
56203 Höhr-Grenzhausen