Kunstobjekt "Niemals wieder!"

Brief description

There are several works of art in public spaces in Wisserland. Find out more about the sculpture "Never again!" by artist Gerhard Gröner here.

Detailed description

The sculpture "Never again!" made of Corten steel was created by artist and writer Gerhard Gröner (Wissen) and installed in summer 2021.

In terms of content, this work of art is based on future-oriented core sentences per our democracy of values. Contrary to all excesses of extreme political fringes, humane principles are lasered here, e.g.: Never again hate, Never again exclusion or Never again violence. The straight, distinctive shape of the X borrows from the original Schöffensiegel of Wissen from 1539. In addition, the St Andrew's Cross is an internationally recognised sign of respect or caution. The shape of the tent roof symbolises protection for democratic understanding. The sculpture emphasises what we hope for, what we wish for and want to shape. It addresses what we never want to experience again, for ourselves, our children and the political landscape.

In the photo taken immediately after the installation, the art object is still in its raw state. In the meantime, it has been covered with precious rust and stands on a natural base made of local greywacke.

The material costs were borne by the Förderverein kulturWERKwissen e. V.

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Contact and directions

Im Buschkamp
57537 Wissen