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Experience cabaret, comedy, music, variety and, of course, the highly acclaimed in-house productions of the many ensembles of the KulturScheune Herborn e.V. association.

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The current association Kulturscheune Herborn e.V. was founded in November 1990 as Herborner Heimatspiele e.V. and renamed by the general meeting on 12 March 2020. After almost 40 years of "unorganised theatre" in Herborn, we dared to take the step at that time of joining together as an association and giving the work of Herborn's theatre professionals a structural framework. Since then we have become firmly established in the town's associative life and are now much more than a group of theatre enthusiasts. In 2004, after years of searching, we not only found a home for the association, but with our KulturScheune we also created a venue and event location that can compete with other cabaret theatres in Hesse and beyond. In the past few years, the number of members has multiplied, we now have six ensembles of our own, cover a broad spectrum with our own productions, but also act as organisers and bring a large number of external artists to Herborn every year.

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Text: KulturScheune Herborn e.V.

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35745 Herborn