Kultur Kasino - Nicole Thoss

Brief description

The works of Nicole Thoss astonish their viewers in many ways, for at first glance they do not seem like ceramic works at all, since they are difficult to associate with the material-typical appearances of ceramic objects. Neither the form nor the surface provide obvious clues that lead to a quick clarification.

On closer inspection, at least the knowledgeable observer is informed about the technique: they are cubes or cuboids made of ceramic plates, which in turn show surfaces printed with engobes and coloured bodies.

Professional ceramic procedures thus form the basis of her works, but these are pictures full of magical lightness, which are located in the transition area between photography, painting and print graphics. For many years, Nicole Thoss has worked out a position here that sets her apart.

Contact and directions

Kasinostraße 7
56203 Höhr-Grenzhausen