Kreativkurse mit Glas

Detailed description

Max. 6 participants, daily dates (please ask tel.) possible from 3 hours,
Price example: for 3-4 participants 34,00 €/TN
Material costs depending on course and consumption from approx. 25,00 € +/-.
All courses also for children's birthdays!
Please ask for prices and schedule by phone.

Brief description

Glass mosaic:
individually designed objects - you can create your own objects like pictures, mirrors, objects etc. for indoors and outdoors. Coloured glass pieces and other materials (nuggets, shells, shards) are at your disposal.

Glass fusing
Art from molten glass - Several glasses (including coloured ones) are placed on top of each other and fused together in a special furnace. You can create fascinating artistically designed things such as pictures, bowls, objects and jewellery.

Contact and directions

Anno-Knütgen-Straße 26
56203 Höhr-Grenzhausen