Brief description

The Köppel is an excursion destination that can be reached from the parking lot at the K 126 between Dernbach and Ransbach Baumbach. The Köppel tower can only be entered during the opening hours of the Köppel hut (free of charge). At 540.2 m. above sea level, the Köppel is the second highest elevation of the Montabaurer Höhe, an elongated ridge of the Niederwesterwald, after the alarm pole (545.2 m). It lies on the border of Montabaur and Dernbach in the Westerwald district of Rhineland-Palatinate. The Köppel observation tower stands on the summit. Here stands the traditional Köppel hut.

Detailed description

The Köppelwirt and his team run a small rustic restaurant with an open kitchen and a cosy beer garden. The Köppelhütte is a popular excursion destination for cyclists, hikers, party people, children, seniors - in other words, people of all kinds". Gladly seen are also the four-legged friends! You can reach the Köppelhütte via various hiking trails or by car from Ransbach-Baumbach. The kitchen is good plain cooking.

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