Brief description

There are three Kneipp pedal pools in the city: in the Kurpark, in the Christian-August-Kahm-Weg and on the Waldweg above the Sebastian-Kneipp-Straße.

Detailed description

Water application according to Pastor Sebastian Kneipp - modern and traditional at the same time. Father Kneipp knew how to keep fit and healthy. To increase the body's defences, he recommended getting into a pool of water every day, which is filled with either warm or cold water up to about the level of the calf. During this Kneipp cure, you walk through the basin several times. After each step, the feet are lifted completely out of the water and then dipped back into the water step by step. The alternation of warm and cold stimulates the blood circulation, the circulation and the metabolism. In interaction with the muscle movements, the venous blood flow is accelerated. A good prevention against varicose veins. A Kneipp treatment before going to bed relaxes and makes it easier to fall asleep. Translated with (free version)

Contact and directions

56470 Bad Marienberg