Klickerarena Kirmesfeld in Kirchen (Sieg)

Brief description

Marbles (clickers) are used to play on the fairground field, where there are courts suitable for tournaments.

Detailed description

13 young men founded the 1st Kirchen Clicker Club on 27 February 1972 with the aim of making clicker sports a popular sport. The clicker arena on the fairground was inaugurated as early as 1990. In 2022, a visitors' stand was added and the pitches were extensively renovated.

The First Kirchen Clicker Club regularly invites visitors to large tournaments on the pitches. Do you have marbles (clickers) with you, if so, then the opportunity has come to dare to play a game. You can find the rules for clicker sports on the website of the clicker club.

Contact and directions

Kirmesfeldstraße 16
57548 Kirchen an der Sieg