Klangraum Herbstlabyrinth mit TreAlp Breitscheid

Alphorn concert in the stalactite cave.

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Alphorn concert in the stalactite cave.

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Admission costs €17.50


Musical greetings from the mountains - Autumn labyrinth sound space - Alphorn concert in the stalactite cave with the TreAlp group.
Alphorn in the Breitscheid show cave Herbstlabyrinth. The TreAlp alphorn ensemble gives two concerts in the Breitscheid show cave Herbstlabyrinth. The 3 alphorn players performing come from the greater Wetzlar area. Organisationally, the ensemble is part of the Dutenhofen brass band. The pieces of music they will play in the show cave are mainly traditional alpine alphorn pieces. Alphorns are 3.60 metres long and tuned in the key of "F". Approximately 18 natural tones can be played, spanning 4 octaves. The motivation for the concert in the autumn labyrinth arose from the idea of approaching the natural tone instruments in a sound space created by nature and using the special acoustics of the cave. In this way, the music will help to visualise the originality of our being and to experience the special beauty of the rock and stalactite formations. In addition, the cave guides will tell visitors everything they need to know about the show cave and the variety of stalactites and stalagmites in the most beautiful light. Seating is available during the concert. Duration approx. 1.25 hours.
Admission costs €17.50; limited number of participants. Tickets and information at: www.schauhöhle-breitscheid.de; ticket hotline 0231 917 2290.

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