Kirche St. Bartholomäus und St. Sebastian

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The church in Kirchähr has existed since the 12th century, probably even earlier. Local historians assume that there was already a wooden chapel ("Junkers Chapel") on this site before the present church. Translated with

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The church, which is over 800 years old, was the ecclesiastical centre for the Catholic minority in the predominantly Protestant region until 1866. Due to the foundation of two new parishes in the neighbouring villages, it subsequently lost its importance and was finally largely plundered. Only "out of consideration for its monumental value and its significance in the landscape" could the demolition of the church just be prevented. During the First World War, the empty church served as a stable for a punishment company before the worst of the damage was repaired from 1924 onwards by a restoration programme of the conservator in the Wiesbaden administrative district. When the old rectory was converted into a leisure, conference and hiking centre for the Catholic youth of the Limburg diocese ("Karlsheim") in 1928, the venerable church was given a new lease of life. Since then, it has served as a place of faith and encounter for young people and young adults and offers many opportunities to organise church services. Translated with