Kinder-Spielparadies Flippolino Kirchen (Sieg)

Detailed description

On a huge play area totalling 3,000 m², children can play, climb, jump and romp in Flippolino in the leisure area of the Molzberg in the town of Kirchen. No matter what the weather, the largest children's play paradise in the Altenkirchen district offers numerous attractions both indoors and outdoors. A constant change of play equipment also ensures successful variety all year round. In winter, the play and bouncy hall is heated to a toasty warm temperature and air-conditioned on hot summer days.

The first dancing carousel is unique. The children's roller coaster is fast-paced. With a span of 21 metres and a height of an amazing 9 metres, the volcano is a real challenge to climb. There's lots to discover on the 3-level climbing maze: 3 slides, suspension bridges, softball shooting, giant ball pool, surfing, darkroom and much more. Huge bouncing fun is guaranteed on the trampoline facility and a bungee trampoline. From the Ferris wheel, the kids can overlook the entire Flippolino. On the Go Kart track in the play hall, the curvy Formula 1 course is just as much fun as proving their skills on the soccer field.

For the bambinos, Flippolino has its own 400 m² toddler play area with a special padded floor. Here, a children's carousel revolves and a slide provides fun. Huge Lego bricks invite you to build and the ball pool is a great place to run around. The trampoline, booby cars, playhouses, seesaws, games of skill and much more are all good fun.

The large outdoor facility has a fun splash and paddle area. Ahoy! With the Power-Aqua-Paddler you can go across the water in great boats, a spicy pleasure!

While the children romp around in the large play area, the parents treat themselves to a short break in the catering area. Thanks to the large panorama windows, the adults always have their children in view. A free wi-fi connection allows you to surf the internet or check your e-mails.

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Price information

Admission prices

Babies 0 to 12 months ** free

Infants 12 to 23 months ** € 6.00

Children from 2 to 17 years** 12,00 €

Teenagers up to 21 years** 12,00 €

Adults 6,00 €

Adults not accompanied by children € 12,00

Wheelchair users free

Disabled adults (from 70 %)* / ** 5,00 €

Disabled children/youth (from 70 %)** 8,00 €

*without accompaniment of own child

** proof required

***accompanied by a child over 2 years

For special discounts, proof of identification is required!

Discounts cannot be combined.

Payment by EC card is possible from 20 €!

Payment with Mastercard or Visa is not possible.

Free parking and W-LAN!

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Brief description

The Flippolino is an adventure and play paradise for children on an area of 3,000 m², making it the largest in the entire district. Indoors, a roller coaster, Ferris wheel and various climbing and bouncing attractions - including a climbing maze, volcano and bungee trampoline - offer an unforgettable and fun day on the Molzberg above the town of Kirchen. Toddlers also get their money's worth in the 400 m² toddler area. Outside, a fun facility for splashing around and a splashy boat ride in the Power Aqua Paddler will cool you off.

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Contact and directions

Auf dem Molzberg 5-7
57548 Kirchen (Sieg)