Keramisches Atelier - Claudia Henkel

Detailed description

Plates, plates and shelves are also never exactly round, oval or angular. Each piece is unique and tells the story of its creation.Porcelain white and celadon green are the two glaze colours I prefer for the vessels. They are combined with black plates to create a rich contrast. The tableware has an elf-like appearance. Delicate, translucent, ethereal. It seems to originate from a past time and is nevertheless new.

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Brief description

I decorate wafer-thin rolled porcelain plates by embossing embroidered fabrics, lace or curtain fabrics. The porcelain plates decorated in this way I make into cups, cups, bowls, soup bowls, lamps, jugs and jardiniers. Chance is allowed to consciously participate. In this way, new arrangements are created which my ordering consciousness would never carry out in such a way. The built works are never exact and symmetrical. The edges are not cut straight, they usually remain curved.

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