Keramikwerkstatt Hastenteufel

Brief description

Rakukeramik is our passion. For over 20 years the direct play with fire. With each vessel the charm to combine the balanced form and the professional way with the gift of the elements. To be seen in the pattern of the craquelè, to be felt in the silky shine of the glazes.

An adventure that awakens its unmistakable character in every object.

Detailed description

Development aid missions in Africa and Asia inspired the design of our shapes and surfaces.

Our current work in the field of experimental archaeology has led to an examination of Roman and Greek ceramics from antiquity. Inspired by this, we created our black-red ceramics which we regard as an interpretation of the classical Greek ceramics.

The Terra Sigillaten, with which we refine these ceramics, we prepare ourselves from regional clays.

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