Keramikbahnhof Grenzau - Ester Kröber

Brief description

The Westerwald, a wonderful natural area and centre of ceramics. Here I am at home, located, surrounded by ceramics and production since my childhood...The stranger sharpened my gaze again and asks the question: What is it: to be at home? ... The practical, user-oriented can be complemented...it jubilates the sensual meaningless, the invisible soul, authentically one's own.

Detailed description

CONNECTIONS are my theme, which I have been following for years...ceramic as well...my passion belongs to stoneware, especially the SALT GLAZURES, before whose brilliance and violence I bow down, whose sound I love and which surprise me again and again in their manifold beauty...Pure joy in the morning with the teacup in my hand, kneading in the dough bowl, looking at the summer flowers in the charming grey vase...unhidden quality, pure joy....

Current opening hours can be found here: www.kannenbaeckerland.de/fileadmin/regionen/kannenbaeckerland/Dokumente/Keramikoeffnung_Werkstaetten/OEffnungszeiten.pdf

Contact and directions

Ladestraße 1
56203 Höhr-Grenzhausen