Katholische Pfarrkirche Kreuzerhöhung

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Worth seeing church in baroque style with the largest work of art by the painter Peter Hecker

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The large pink church in the centre of the town of Wissen is a building visible from afar with its striking tower with a Welsh dome and open lantern. The size of the place of worship in the small town of Wissen is due to the population growth during the industrial revolution. Originally, there had been a church here since at least the year 1000, as indicated by the historical stone at the foot of the steeple (inscription ANNO DVSNT). During the great fire of the town of Wissen in 1788, the originally Romanesque church was destroyed and rebuilt in 1804. The church was extended between 1912 and 1914 and has undergone numerous renovations up to the present day. The inventory is in the Baroque style. The Kreuzerhöhungskirche became famous for the extensive ceiling paintings by the painter Peter Hecker (1884 - 1971), one of the last great church painters of the 20th century. last great church painters of the 20th century. The painting of the Wissen parish church is Hecker's largest surviving work of art. The artist himself restored the frescoes, which were damaged during the Second World War, in 1953. In addition, there are numerous other special features, z. For example, the baptismal font from the 13th century, which is the oldest piece in the inventory, or the prince's box on the south side of the choir. As part of the guided tour "The Chapel Trail", which can be booked at the Wisserland Tourist Information Office in the RegioBahnhof Wissen, you can get more information and stories about the church. The forecourt of the Kreuzerhöhungskirche, the so-called "half moon", with the old buildings in the shape of a half moon (church square) is also beautiful. The annual very beautiful Christmas crib is a special feature in the region due to its size and is visited by many locals and guests.

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